Camp Kookaburra can provide self-catering facilities for approved groups at weekends and holidays – an attractive alternative for some.

If you choose this alternative, your group needs to provide all the consumables such as food, cooking and cleaning materials. We recommend that you have someone in your group with some experience to do the planning – that’s the key – so that tasks are shared and everyone can enjoy their time here. We also recommend that you have a person with a ‘Food Handlers Certificate’ to ensure good food handling practices are adhered to. We are happy to offer some catering ideas that can enhance your stay and provide guidelines that ensure the final clean up is done effectively and efficiently.

What we Provide:

A purpose built campsite in a peaceful rural setting.

Lodge accommodation (with ensuites)

A pleasant dining room

A fully equipped kitchen with utensils to service the needs of your group including a dishwasher.

Cleaning Equipment – mops, buckets, brooms, vacuum.

Why do we need a pre-camp visit?

Camp Kookaburra, like other group accommodation facilities, needs to meet local health regulations for food storage, preparation and handling. To ensure we can meet these regulations, we require a site visit well in advance of the camp taking place. This visit needs to be done by the person who will be responsible for the group and who will be attending the camp with the group.


$1000 per booking.

The bond is payable on arrival with camp fees and is returned in full / part after a check of facilities / grounds at the conclusion of hire as per Hire Agreement. Adjustment may be made at the discretion of camp staff for incomplete clean up, damage, breakage or loss.


$500 per booking. Refer to cancellation procedures, penalties, etc.

What you need to bring

Pillow, sleeping gear and a bottom sheet to cover the mattress  e.g. Sheets & doona / blankets, or sleeping bag.

All food requisites.

Tea Towels, detergent, garbage bags, extra toilet paper etc.

Personal Items such as bath / beach towels, toiletries etc.

If required – sports / recreational / games / equipment including table tennis bats/balls, basketballs tennis rackets and balls etc.

Group Booking Form

You can download a non-school booking form here

Also please take time to read through the General Conditions of Hire